Customers Reviews

Mark B, Rochester, New York ( 5 Stars )

 I stopped by by chance and found the store with no problems. I was looking for a round stool to use for an upcoming production I am working on at Geva Theater. The fellow manning the shop was so helpful. He even pulled out a stool out of the back room, just to see if it would work. Very personable and helpful. thank you. 

Therese, Rochester, NY ( 5 stars )

When I dropped off my grandmothers tin top table and chairs, (dating to 1940's) to the all natural wood store to be stripped, it was with a hope and prayer. I could not invision how Dave's method would work. I was totally in awe when I picked them up today. Every piece was down to the natural wood. Absolutely gorgeous! Now the only dilemma I have is how I am going to refinish this treasured family heirloom! Thank you Dave!

Michael Moore, Hilton, NY ( 5 Stars )

David made a custom rocking chair for the high end portion of our fund raiser. The winner was Thrilled with the piece and commented how happy she was to learn a place that can build custom items for her!!! Thanks David!!!

Linda DuBois, Rochester, NY ( 5 stars )

Has beautiful refinished pieces

of well loved furniture from days gone by. 

Everything from old desks to ceder chests.

They look almost new. Good job!